The sleeping car on City Night Line

Economy compartments in a double-deck sleeping car

Travel overnight in comfort

Sleeping cars are the most comfortable way to travel by City Night Line. You have a choice of Economy & Deluxe compartments the latter have their own shower/WC.

Each compartment has its own washbasin. They are also equipped with a cosy duvet, a fresh pillow, hangers, facecloths, hand towel, soap and mouthwash. Breakfast is included in the price and is served in your compartment.

All the compartments in the sleeping cars are air-conditioned.

Picture: Economy compartment in a double-deck sleeping car

Route Name of train Bicycle carriage
Amsterdam - Copenhagen Borealis 8 places
Amsterdam - Munich Pollux 20 places
Amsterdam - Prague Kopernikus 8 places
Berlin - Paris Perseus 8 places
Copenhagen - Basel Aurora 20 places
Munich - Berlin Capella -
Munich - Hamburg Pyxis -
Munich - Copenhagen Hans Christian Andersen (Vega) 8 places
Munich - Paris Cassiopeia 8 places
Munich - Rome Lupus 8 places
Munich - Venice Pictor 8 places
Zurich - Amsterdam Pegasus 20 places
Zurich - Berlin Sirius 20 places
Zurich - Hamburg Komet 20 places
Zurich - Prague Canopus 20 places