Travel overnight in comfort Comfortline sleeping car

Economy compartment in the Comfortline sleeping car
Every compartment has its own washbasin including toiletries and hand towels. And in every coach there is an additional washing facility with a washbasin, WC and in some cases a shower.

Deluxe compartment in the Comfortline sleeping car
The Deluxe compartments also have their own bathroom with washbasin, shower and WC, and a folding table.

All the compartments can be locked by the passenger from inside and outside, and a call system allows direct contact to the service team.

Up to three can travel conveniently through the night in one compartment. Many technical details ensure a pleasant, comfortable journey, even when the compartment is fully booked. These include beds whose height can be adjusted, with improved access, non-slip floors, large, illuminated mirrors, handles and an extra folding seat (only in the Deluxe compartment) and even an individual wake-up call.

If you would like even more space and comfort, you can convert two adjacent compartments into a suite for up to six passengers by means of a combining door. You can combine two Economy compartments or one Economy and one Deluxe compartment. Please note that all passengers have to have a 1st class ticket if you book a combination of Deluxe and Economy.

Picture: Shower and WC Deluxe compartment in the Comfortline sleeping car

Route Name of train Bicycle carriage
Amsterdam - Munich Pollux 20 places
Munich - Berlin Capella 6 places
Munich - Hamburg Pyxis 6 places
Munich - Rome Lupus 8 places
Munich - Venice Pictor 8 places
Zurich - Amsterdam Pegasus 20 places
Zurich - Berlin Sirius 20 places
Zurich - Hamburg Komet 20 places
Zurich - Prague Canopus 20 places
Oberhausen - Prague Kopernikus 8 places

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