Zurich – the Swiss metropolis

Zürich Tourismus / Manuel Bauer

True, Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland...

...and a world-famous financial centre. But it still does not exactly fit the image of a financial metropolis, and instead surprises with an idyllic cosiness. Georg Büchner, Gottfried Keller and Lenin enjoyed the city’s quality of life and left their mark.

The river Limmat flows through the well-preserved old city, and on its eastern bank is picturesque Niederdorf. Here you can take a stroll and admire the houses of the powerful guilds, the narrow alleys and the impressive churches. Above the sea of roofs towers the cathedral with its twin towers.

Sommer am Zürichsee © manwalk / Manfred Walker / p

The trendiest quarter in the city is "Zurich West", a former industrial area, but now a cool residential district where you can also shop or go out for an evening. This is the city’s creative scene, many advertisers, graphic designers and artists have settled in the district. Visitors can shop – whether for bargains or very exclusively – on the famous Bahnhofstrasse, which begins right at the Central Station and continues in a dead straight line to the banks of the Lake of Zurich.

Once a year the Street Parade takes place. During this festival, half a million techno and dance fans parade for more than two kilometres through the city. The other events include the theatre spectacle, Zurich Fest, the Zurich Film Festival and much more.

Route Name of train Bicycle carriage
Berlin - Zurich Sirius yes
Hamburg - Zurich Komet yes
Amsterdam - Zurich Pegasus yes
Prague - Zurich Canopus yes
Waldhaus Sils_Hans-Peter Siffert

Tip for a long weekend: the “Waldhaus” in Sils Maria

Roughly 10 km from the sophisticated resort of St. Moritz, there is a wonderful hotel with a great history, but without pretensions of grandeur. It is cosy, family friendly and personal.

The location is simply unbeatable. Sils-Maria is a pretty alpine village with heavenly walking and hiking trails, downhill runs and cross-country skiing. And up above the slopes sits the Waldhaus, peaceful and serene, a fairy-tale castle set amidst world-famous scenery. If you have a little more time to explore Switzerland, come here and treat yourself to a well-earned break.

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