Vienna - perfect choice for body and soul

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Whether in a traditional coffee-house or cool ice-cream parlour...

...Vienna offers wickedly sweet temptations at every turn. Burn off the extra calories with a spirited Viennese waltz or – like Austria's famous Empress Sissy – a stroll around the grounds of Schönbrunn Palace. Head for Millennium City, the "city within the city" to embark on the ultimate shopping spree or watch the latest movies. "Danube Island" invites tourists to come over and enjoy a recreational break right in the heart of Vienna. Those with romance in their soul can admire the splendid architecture of Vienna's Old Town from one of the city's traditional horse-drawn carriages. A breathtaking roller-coaster ride at Prater amusement park, on the other hand, is not for the faint-hearted. These are just some of the many good reasons why Vienna was recently voted the city with the highest quality of life anywhere in the world.

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If the weather is not ideal for an ice-cream or a walk around the city, there are plenty of fascinating museums to choose from. Afterwards, take the weight off your feet in one of the city's many authentic coffee-houses or enjoy a ride on a "Bim", as the traditional Viennese trams are called.

In other words, Vienna provides all-round nourishment for body and soul.

The following EuroNight services take you directly to Vienna:

Departure Destination Bicycle carriage
Oberhausen/Cologne Vienna yes
Hamburg Vienna yes


The Vienna Boys' Choir sings Mass at the Hofburg Chapel at 9:15 h every Sunday. For further information and free reservations (standing room only), visit:

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