Sail down the Grand Canal through the back streets on a gondola...

Venedig: Sestiere di Cannaregio, Thomas Max Müller

Near enough to touch...

...are the palaces of the upper crust; the pride Venetians take in their city is tangible: they used to call it “La Serenissima”, or “Queen of the Adriatic”. The romantic charm of Venice diverts attention from the fact that the plaster is beginning to peel away in many places. But it is precisely this combination of wealth and poverty which explains Venice’s special charm. Wonderful cultural treats also await the visitor to the city on the lagoon, e.g. the International Film Festival in August.

Isola di San Giorgio, Thomas Max Müller  / pixelio

Every year in the Venice lagoon more than 120 historic regattas take place between April and October in the Venetian rowing style (voga alla veneta).

Some of these competitions take place spontaneously; but eleven of them are sponsored by the city of Venice in cooperation with the Rowing Association and the Coordinating Committee of the Rowing Associations, to keep the sport alive and spread its fame, since it originated in the nature of the city and its territory.Quelle:

Route Name of train Bicycle carriage
Munich - Venice Pictor yes
Innsbruck - Venice Pictor yes

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How are gondolas built today? You can get a brief insight into the history of gondolas on this excursion, in which you visit a gondola yard and have lunch in the workshop.

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