Winter here we come!

The watchword from now on is snow fun for everyone. The winter sports regions in Austria and Switzerland are coming to life and have something to suit everyone.

Reisetipp Winterurlaub

Austrian ski resorts boast fantastic slopes and an après-ski scene that parties right through to the wee small hours.
Adults with children can make the most of splendid long and wide trails which are ideal for teaching the kids the basics without having to forego their own skiing fun. For more information about Austria’s winter sports paradises and offers.

Winter holidays in Switzerland - the perfect choice for romantics, skiing enthusiasts and families. Admire the unique alpine panorama with magical ski slopes of all kinds - including the right one for you. Romantics and those in search of peace and quiet will not be disappointed, either. Click here for more information about the numerous recreational opportunities in Switzerland.

White Weeks

It will soon be time for the “White Weeks” again. Weekly discounts are available for many hotels, chalets and holiday apartments in both Austria and Switzerland, depending on the season, region and holiday situation. If you are looking for bargain travel options, click here for attractive offers (only in German). We wish you lots of fun and an enjoyable holiday.

Convenient overnight travel
as from 14.12.2014
Berlin Munich Berlin Hbf, Potsdam, Brandenburg CNL 1246 / 1247
Amsterdam Munich Utrecht, Dusseldorf, Cologne CNL 419 / 429 & 418/ 428
Hamburg Munich Altona, Hamburg Hbf, Bremen CCNL 486 / 487
Hamburg Zurich Altona, Hamburg Hbf, Hannover Hbf CNL 479 / 478
Rome Munich Orvieto, Arezzo, Florenz, Bologna CNL 485 / 484
Zurich Prague Basel, Freiburg, Offenburg CNL 458 / 459
Venice Munich Treviso, Conegliano, Udine CNL 40236 / 40463
Oberhausen Prague Duisburg, Dusseldorf, Cologne CNL 457 / 456
Milan Munich Brescia, Desenzanp, Verona CNL 40484 / 40485

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Amsterdam, Prague or maybe Zurich?

These and many other thrilling cities and regions in Europe can be reached conveniently overnight.