Berlin is always worth a visit

Berlin – the city with a constantly changing scene and skyline.
But it is exactly this fast pace that makes the German capital so unique.

Brandenburger Tor

Your travel tip for July: Berlin

A trip to Berlin is like slipping into a melting pot of different cultures. Did you know that Berlin is the most multicultural city in Germany? The population of around 3.5 million is actually made up of more than 185 different nations.

And especially now in summer, you can experience the cultural diversity of Berlin at first hand: there are street parties for you to celebrate, beach bars and cafés to take a break. There are open-air cinemas and festivals to make your heart beat faster – that’s Berlin!


What’s more, did you know that there are more kebab shops in Berlin than in Istanbul? The doner kebab served in a pitta bread was actually invented in Berlin: in 1971, Mehmet Aygün is said to have been the first person to sell this snack at his restaurant “Hasir”. Click here to visit the most famous kebab shop in Berlin.

Click here to find out all about summer in Berlin.

Departure Station Destination Via Number of train
Amsterdam Berlin Utrecht, Arnhem, Duisburg, Cologne CNL 457
Copenhagen Berlin Odense, Kolding, Hamburg CNL 50473
Munich Berlin Augsburg CNL 1246
Paris Berlin Göttingen, Hannover CNL 451
Zurich Berlin Basel, Offenburg, Heidelberg CNL 1259

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