Discover Poland with the City Night Line

The EuroNight train Jan Kiepura runs daily from Amsterdam through the Ruhr area and on to the polish cities Warsaw and Posen.

Bernd Schwarz/ Königspalast

Destination Warsaw

Warsaw is the capital and also the largest city in Poland. In terms of population, it is the ninth-largest city in the EU. Warsaw has always been an important transport, economic and business location for Central and Eastern Europe and also plays an important cultural role thanks to its numerous universities, theatres, museums and monuments.

Warsaw Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The historic centre of the Old Town is the market square (Rynek), with the sculpture of the mermaid Syrenka in the centre. The most famous view of the marketplace is from the south side, which is dominated by the tower of the Jesuit church. Other important places of interest are the House under the Lion and the sundial.

Altstadt Posen/ Vanessa Bamberg

Poznań – almost 300 km away from Berlin – is a treasure trove (not only) for history fans: this is where the first kings of Poland are buried and the architectural heritage of Prussia testifies to the city's turbulent past. Visitors will find impressive renaissance monuments in the picturesque and carefully restored Old Town. The town hall is one of the most beautiful renaissance buildings in Poland and is now home to Poznań's Museum of History.

The city, which has a population of 550,000, is an important trade fair venue and science centre. Stary Browar shopping centre has won international prizes and is an attractive mixture of retail palace and modern art. This vibrant city owes its atmosphere not only to the 130,000 students who live here, but also to its cultural and art scene, which enjoys an excellent reputation far beyond the Polish borders. With its Malta street theatre festival and the well-known and award-winning Polish Dance Theatre – Poznań is youthful, modern and brimful of energy – just as the city's motto says: "Eastern energy – Western style"

Route Name of train Bicycle carriage
Ruhr region/ Cologne/ Dusseldorf Jan Kiepura yes