Berlin - place to be, rich in history

The only world city that doesn’t cost the world.

Gedächniskirche, Peter Kirchhoff /

Sizzling city on the Spree

Lovers of local bars, artists and intellectuals, shopaholics, history buffs, architecture fans and nighthawks of course: Berlin satisfies all sorts, caters for all tastes and gives people what they want!

You too can discover the fascinating metropolis, and it’s no accident that the city’s motto is: Berlin gives you more.

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Berlin offers the bustle of the big city and also the chance to rest and relax: large green open spaces and water wherever you look. Woods, parks and lakes offer plenty of room to chill in the centre of town.

There are even two zoos competing for visits from animal lovers - one of them is the Zoological Gardens, the oldest zoo in Germany, with the largest variety of fauna.

Route Name of the train Bicycle carriage
Zurich - Berlin Sirius yes
Munich - Berlin Capella yes

A tip for our customers

There’s a lot going on in Berlin: visit the Events page at Berlin Tourism – and you’ll get to the right event at the right time.

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