Get more of the day. Travel across Europe by night

Whether you're travelling to Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Rome or Zurich - City Night Line offers you advantages along the entire route:

  • Travelling overnight gives you an extra day to spend at your destination
  • You arrive right in the city centre after a good night's sleep
  • You travel stress-free, no matter the weather
  • You can bring bicycles and winter sport equipment along on many of the connections
  • Fares for a comfortable couchette start at just EUR 60 - and you save the cost of accommodation and fuel

Board your train, sleep soundly and arrive in the morning!

Whether you're travelling alone, as a couple, with your family or with your friends, City Night Line is a convenient way to reach your dream destination overnight.

Save valuable time when you travel:
Arrive well rested and start enjoying your holiday right away.

Our friendly service team is available for you round the clock, offering a wake-up service for travellers in sleepers and couchette cars on most of our lines and taking care of the formalities at border crossings on international lines.

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